Bride Tribe Hen Party Pin Badges

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Bride Tribe Hen Party Enamel Pin Badges

Today we want to tell you about our amazing Bride Tribe Hen Party Enamel Pins Badges. Enamel pins have always been awesome and look amazing on all sorts of clothes especially denim and leather jackets, but they are also amazing looking for hen parties as girls can wear them on their tops, bikinis, coats, hats, sashes or whatever!!

bride tribe hen party lapel pin badge

When we looked around at the current style of hen party badges available we were pretty disappointed with the quality of what is out there as most of them are cheap button style badges. So we wanted to make some awesome looking and top quality hen party badges for all you ladies out there! And we did just that!! In fact we made a few different styles, and today we will show you the Bride Tribe Badges.

bride tribe hen party enamel pin badges

If you and your Bride Tribe are looking for a gorgeous and classy hen party accessory or favour then look no further. These hen party pin badges are top quality and look absolutely amazing in real life.

hen party pin badges

The are small enough to be discreet for those of you who do not like over the top in your face hen party paraphernalia, but also will not be missed as they are so awesome looking.

brides tribe hen party badge

The badges feature a beautiful black and gold colour scheme which perfectly matches our range of Bride Tribe Wristbands and Bride Tribe Hen Party VIP Pass Lanyards

bride tribe hen party badges accessories

We of course have a beautiful ‘The Bride’ pin badge to let the Bride to be stand out from the crowd.

bride hen party enamel pin badge

These pins are perfect for your hen party and look beautiful pinned to the lapel of your jacket, can be easily fastened to your bikinis or put on your bag if you are travelling. Maybe you want to be rocking the bride tribe image all year and put it on permanently. Wherever you put them, they will look amazing!

hen party badges pins bride tribe

Instead of buying the usual cheap and cheerful hen party badges, take it up a notch with our fabulous Bride Tribe enamel pin badges for a unique but super elegant party look.

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