Bride Tribe Hen Party & Bachelorette Party Wristbands

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Bride Tribe Hen Party & Bachelorette Party Wristbands 

Welcome to our website and our first product post! We create wonderfully beautiful hen party accessories and bachelorette party accessories as well as wedding favours and general party favours and accessories for all you party people out there. With this blog will take you on a journey through each product and show you how awesome they are and explain to you why you need them in your life!

bride tribe bachelorette party wristband bracelet

classy hen party products

Our main type of accessory is festival themed woven fabric wristbands. They are the real deal, just like any wristband you would be fitted with at any popular music festival. We have party wristbands in every colour, style and for every occasion from baby showers to birthdays and from weddings to hen parties. We have so many different styles but given the name of our website, it feels appropriate to start with our fabulous Bride Tribe Black and Gold Hen Party Wristbands.

bride tribe hen bachelorette wristband bracelets

Bride Tribe Black and Gold Hen Party Wristbands

We love these gorgeous Bride Tribe Wristbands for not only their unique spin on hen party accessories but also for their beauty!! The gorgeous gold sparkly writing complements the black so well and will add that extra sparkle to your outfit whilst making your hen party ladies feel like VIPs.

elegant hen party bride tribe wristbands

classy hen party bride tribe bachelorette party wristband favors

The text across the centre reads simply 'BRIDE TRIBE' with 'VIP' and 'TEAM BRIDE' on the tails in calligraphy gold font, fitted with an adjustable gold lock.

bride tribe hen bachelorette party accessories

They are not too over the top nor too subtle and adapt to any hen party regardless of theme. On your way to airport for your hen party weekend give the wristbands out and watch as everyone marvels at how cool they are! A refreshing change from the usual L badges distributed at the beginning of the hen party.

bride tribe bachelorette wristband favours

hen do bride tribe bracelet wristbands

Perhaps you are keeping your hen party local and you aren't one for accessories or don't want a obvious over the top hen party look. These wristbands are subtle but can still mark the occasion perfectly. Maybe you are organising a festival themed hen party or attending a music festival to celebrate your hen party? If so these awesome festival style wristbands will set the tone for the entire day/weekend. And if these Bride Tribe ones do not hit the mark we have about 30 other styles to choose from.

hen party fun accessories

classy hen party bride tribe accessories

What about the main VIP though? The person for whom everyone is gathered for, this is of course the Bride to Be. For the gorgeous Bride to be we have this beautiful THE BRIDE wristband. The Bride wristband matches the black and gold bride tribe wristbands but is in a white and gold colour scheme so that the main lady stands out from the crowd.

the bride hens party wristbands

bride wristband hen party bracelet

The Bride wristband is included in your total number ordered. For example, if you order 10 wristbands, this will include 1 x The Bride wristband and 9 x Bride Tribe wristbands. Check out some of happy hens to date wearing our wristbands...

hen party accessories bride tribe wristbands

bride tribe hen party favours wristbands

These next two beautiful photos are copyright to Ocean Beach Club Ibiza...

bride tribe hen party wristbands ocean beach ibiza

bride tribe hen party wristbands o beach ibiza

the bride hen party wristband bracelet

Get your hen party accessories organise now and click here to assemble your Bride Tribe.


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