Team Bride Hen Party / Bachelorette Party Wristbands

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Team Bride Black and Gold Festival Themed Hen Party Wristband

Welcome back to the Bride Tribe Blog. In each of our posts we will be talking about one of the awesome products we make and sell. Today we are looking at our super popular Team Bride Hen Party Wristbands

team bride tribe hen party wristband

One of the duties as a bridesmaid is helping to organise the hen party, and with that there are lots of choices to make about location of the hen party, activities, what hotel to stay in, budget, accessories etc. etc. Here at we want to help you with one of those choices. So you can stop looking for accessories now, as there is no better hen party accessory than our awesome Team Bride Hen Party Wristbands.

team bride hen party wristbands

On our last post we looked at the Bride Tribe Hen Party Wristband version and this wristband follows the same style and black and gold colour scheme. This is the first of 5 different Team Bride Hen Party Wristbands we have for you to choose from.

classy team bride hen party favours accessories


The main text on the wristbands reads ‘TEAM BRIDE’ displayed across the centre in elegant sparkly gold calligraphy lettering against a black background. The tails have the text ‘VIP’ and ‘Team Bride’ fastened with an adjustable gold lock to fit any wrist size. The lock is reusable so can be taken on and off as much as you like (but why would you want to?!).

Hen parties have changed dramatically over the years, and so a few years back we thought well maybe it is time for some new hen party accessories and launched our first range of hen party wristbands, which was quickly followed up with many more styles. 

awesome team bride hen party favours deas

Our gorgeous team bride wristbands add a classy touch to your hen party accessories and your hens will be sure to comment on how beautiful and unique they are.

black gold team bride bachelorette wristband

You don’t have to be throwing a massive hen party to enjoy these fabulous wristbands. They can add to your other accessories or maybe it will be the only indication that you are a hen party! Whatever the celebration, we have you covered!

We also have a beautiful matching Bride wristband for the main girl of the party! The main text on the wristband reads ‘THE BRIDE’ in sparkly gold text against a white background for the bride to be.

team bride elegant hen bachelorette party favours

These wristbands look so classy and will set off your outfit in style! It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a bikini in Ibiza or a dress in a a night club, they look great with every outfit!

team bride classy hen party wristbands

Tick off the ‘hen party accessory’ item on your list with our awesome Team Bride wristbands and get back to organising the other awesome things for your upcoming hen party.

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